About Me

Hi, I am Debbie,

'The Stammering Communicator' is my intentional use of a phrase many will say is an oxymoron!I demystify the idea that people who stammer or stutter cannot be good at speaking or communicating with an audience.

Follow me and you will understand how stammering has been a catalyst for many of the things I do in life!In 2013, I started my own business after working as a sales and marketing manager in companies in Trinidad and Tobago. Since then, I have helped entrepreneurs and businesses grow their companies as a sales and marketing consultant, coach, trainer and digital media strategist/manager.

I work across the Caribbean region with clients ranging from entrepreneurs to middle management to c-suite executives to identify, strategize and realise company goals.I have taken the knowledge gained in the Construction, Education, Advertising, Distribution, Maritime and Retail to deliver my clients with a direct, dynamic and practical solution to their business problems.My superpower is to help you get very clear on your objective and design strategies and tactics to deliver on that goal.

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Do you want to grow your business in 2021?


Building and growing a business requires a number of sales, marketing and branding activities that must be executed consistently for a period of time in order to see results.It also involves measuring certain activities and then reviewing them at the end of a specified period to ascertain to what degree they are working or not.

When I speak about activities I mean all your selling activities like customer visits, cold calling and networking. I also mean doing product and competitor research and developing a digital media strategy. I also mean follow up and getting feedback.

WHAT are YOU doing?

Companies need to put the resources in place that are required to do the ground work with customers, but also have the structure in place for the analysis to happen.

If you are seeing a decline in business, then something is missing from your planning and implementation. STOP trying to squeeze activities with limited resources. Be open to examining what you are doing wrong and be willing to make changes.

If you need help in reactivating your sales and marketing strategy and your people, feel free to reach out to me and let me see how I can support you.

As a marketer, I need to work closely with the sales team. In fact, the most effective marketers want to track the impact of their programs all the way through to closed/won deals and revenue.


The alignment of the sales and marketing strategy opens up the opportunity to create a greater customer experience, builds trust between the organization and the customer and increases sales.