Image#10_Transcription Specialist _Police Service Commission Secretariat

It was indeed a pleasure to have worked with Ms. Debbie-Ann Jollie from August 2018 to February 2019 when I launched my transcription business. I was venturing into becoming a transcriptionist for litigation matters, and also for the general areas such as lectures, interviews, meetings, etc.

There are tons of articles and blogs on getting into business and the pitfalls that you need to avoid. However, I shall say that it is still good to get some input from a local marketing specialist to help you review the findings from your feasibility study and defining how to reach your niche market. One of the key things that she taught me is that you cannot use the same tools to market to the various niche markets. For example, in Trinidad and Tobago transcription is not a very well-known field, therefore, if I have to market to companies here, I shall need to do a lot of cold calling.

Abroad, it is widely used in the legal system (courts, police stations) and by persons for marketing to ensure search engine optimization. In these latter instances, social media is adequate to reach those niche markets. I love the flexibility that Debbie offered, so it was very easy to build a relationship with her. She is willing to work with your time frame. She understands that we live in tight economic times. She will adjust her package and prioritize with you, based on your budget, to make you reach your ultimate goal.

♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Linda A.S. Dias_Speaker

Debbie was the facilitator for two seminars on marketing during a Business Convention that was held in Montserrat in November 2019. She showed expertise in the field, and was a consummate professional. Her presentation responded appropriately to the needs of both the convention and the context and was able to engage the participants during these sessions. I would recommend her as both a seminar facilitator as well as a professional marketing strategist

♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Jason Marcano_Copywriter/ Scriptwriter and Content Strategist

 I have consulted with Debbie Jollie countless times and she has proven herself to be thoroughly competent in marketing strategies and social media marketing.

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Image#4_Karissa Carrington_Chief Strategist at The Corporate Strategist

I had the privilege of being invited to speak at this year’s Munch and Marketing event. The event was well attended and supported by the entrepreneurial community. After having met and interacted with Debbie Jollie; I am deeply inspired by her commitment to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. The tips and advice she provided for those in attendance were invaluable. Her pleasant and calm demeanor was an example; especially when discussing the topic of persistence required to achieve sales in one’s respective field. The Munch and Marketing event was packed with pertinent information from well-informed professionals. I highly recommend to any entrepreneur who wants to learn more about how to attract and retain their ideal customers!

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Image#1_Marketing Strategist_Tricia D. Lucien

Met Debbie as a lecturer whilst pursuing my BA. The subject matter expert in Marketing Communications she expounded the information in such a simple and easy-to-understand manner thus ensuring an excellent pass rate for her classes. Her easy-going and ‘down to earth’ nature made her a favorite with students.

 ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#2_Cassandra Govan_Consultant

I had been following Debbie’s content for months when one day specifically she spoke about email marketing. I knew this was a subject I needed to tackle yet I was overwhelmed even thinking about it and embarrassed I had a list that I barely used. I sought out her assistance via consultation and while on the phone, she put me at ease about how I felt and gave me some practical tips to reactivate the list. At the end of the call, I felt empowered to make some changes but there was some reluctance still. I felt I’d benefit more if she could go a little more in-depth with me and actually map out the process specifically as it relates to reactivating the list and creating a funnel. On our second consultation call, Debbie reviewed some of my funnel ideas and revised most of what I created based on the principle of “keeping it simple”. She saw my vision, which to me looked complicated, but to her was a piece of cake to implement and she provided me with plenty of ideas and examples of how that would look when designing. I can without a doubt say that Debbie provided me the tools to confidently reactivate my email list and eventually create the perfect funnel to attract, retain, and close clients.

 ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#3_Chantal A. Abraham-Public Relations

I had the honour of having Debbie as a lecturer a few years ago, and I am grateful for all the knowledge she imparted unto myself and former classmates. She is the ultimate and go-to marketing and communications maven in the industry and I hold her in very high esteem.

 ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#7_Saleem Phillip_Business Transformation Services

 The workshop was great. It was very informative. Debbie is a very eloquent and engaging speaker. She knows her stuff. I look forward to her next workshop.

 ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#-Jiselle Alleyne-Clement_Ph.D Student

The simplicity with which she delivers her message is what I appreciated most. For a new entrepreneur, she gave us key strategies to develop our businesses but in an uncluttered way. She took the mystery out of the process. I left feeling confident and well equipped to do the work. I highly recommend her services.

 ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#9_Christine Teh_Consultant

Debbie understands Marketing and Personal Branding. She posts great content around marketing that makes me start to think more about how I go about doing that. Because I generally just go with the flow with my marketing and it seems to flow well so far but I’m ready to take my game to the next step. She always has great tips and suggestions to provide. You’ll like her content, she’s a good person to follow to learn more about all types of marketing strategies!

 ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#11_Darilyn Smart _Consultant

Working with Debbie was like working with my big sister. She communicated clearly and her ideas were really helpful in moving us to next level in sales. Even though our project is done, I miss our weekly meetings. I recommend Debbie highly even if it to talk things through.

 ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#12_Keion Wight_Relief Officer

I can say with confidence that Debbie is a guru in the industry. Was fortunate to have her as a lecturer and I am forever grateful for the knowledge she has passed on to me.

♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#13_Reanne Ramharrack_Consultant

I was fortunate to have Ms. Jolliè as a lecturer. She is very knowledgeable in her field and she is a great lecturer. I am forever greatful for the knowledge she imparted to me.

♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#14_Margaret Chin Sue Min_Vet

Munch and Marketing Workshop Review When I signed up for the Munch and Marketing workshop hosted by Debbie Jollie in October 2019, little did I know what a powerhouse of excellent information and tips I would learn and walk away with! Debbie’s tips on goal management for the long run, her personal journey on her marketing plan and strategy, primed us for her guest presenters on market research, brand storytelling, and business funding. My key takes aways were -business is definitely a team effort and not all players are needed all the time -having both short and medium-term goals helps the long term goal of the business -knowing and building your brand that’s reflected in the business mission is key to helping your ideal customers -marketing research is needed throughout the business life to tune up/ fine-tune and fix challenges to make the business efficient, effective and profitable -financial and insurance keeps the risks at a manageable tolerance level. If there’s one business-related workshop to recommend to start-ups and new businesses, (even ones that are at a ‘stall point’) this would be the one. Thank you Debbie for a fabulous experience! This was one of the better birthday gifts I gave myself.

♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦ ↔ ♦

Image#15_Yatiksha Rao

Had the privilege of having her impart some insightful tips on personal branding and truly getting to know my goals to scale my company. Appreciate the time she took to help me understand the importance of content and engaging with my community here on this phenomenal platform. More than her knowledge, I loved how personable she was during our conversation. Appreciate it 🙂